"Thanks for helping end our senior year with a bang!"

Jacob, Honors Biology II, Marine Biology Field Trip, 2012

"Thank you very much! It was a great hands-on learning experience."

Chad, Honors Biology II, Marine Biology Field Trip, 2012

"This was a terrific experience for students to use a variety of communication skills, not only writing skills."

Language Arts Teacher, Oregon Writing Festival, 2012

"Students also learned a great deal about the different types of careers that are available in the hospitality industry that they were not previously aware of."

ProStart Teacher, Northwest Foodservice Show, 2012

"Thank you so much for donating money so we could perform at our choir festival in LaGrande."

Student, Eastern Oregon Children’s Choir Festival, EOU, LaGrande, 2012

"I love to sing. This was a very exciting experience!"

Sarah, Eastern Oregon Children’s Choir Festival, EOU, LaGrande, 2012

"Singing is music to my ears, so thank you for sending us to Eugene. It was awesome!"

Brooke, Oregon All-State Elementary Honor Choir, 2012

"Thank you for paying for the art show.  My favorite was the scarey lady inside the eye."

Siara, District Art Show, 2012

"I didn’t think college was for me, but I could come here and be successful."

Senior Male, College/Museum based research trip, 2010

"Students had joy on their faces in response to drumming and singing."

Teacher at Victor Johnson’s Drumming Workshop, Washington Elementary, 2009

"This trip was a ton of fun and a great learning experience.  We were immersed in our lessons and were able to see everything up close."

Tracey, Honors Biology II, Marine Biology Field Trip, 2009

"My favorite place on the museum tour was the Byrd School House.  I think that is so cool.  You actually feel like you’re going to school in the olden days.  It was so totally awesome!  But I’m still not sure about being spanked by that hard paddle! Yikes! No thanks!"

Madison, Heritage Station Tour, 2009

"When I get older I would like to be an author, and this writing festival really helped me see other types of writing and that writing doesn’t need to be too complicated."

Sophia, Oregon Writing Festival, 2009

"Thank you for helping me step out of my safety zone.  I needed that.  I have major trust issues, so thanks for helping."

ECMC Scholar, Oregon National Guard Ropes Course, 2008

"I came out of a shell I didn’t think I would."

ECMC Scholar, Oregon National Guard Ropes Course, 2008

"I’m not a very brave or friendly person, but on that day I did things I never would and talked to people I never really thought I would.  I feel more open minded, and I’m ready to experience more things in life."

ECMC Scholar, Oregon National Guard Ropes Course, 2008

"I loved making and using the writing machines.  It was so extravagant using just an eraser, tape, a marker, a cup, a battery, and a motor, and pipe cleaners, twisty ties, and popcicle sticks."

Cece, OMSI workshop, 2009

"The ‘Altered States’ assembly was amazing!  I learned that you can change a solid to a gas and that it is called sublimation."

Donya, OMSI workshop, 2009

"Thank you for letting OMSI come to our school.  There were really great experiments not to try at home."

Nathan, OMSI workshop, 2009

"Students shared a camaraderie/friendship that is so important for all children to develop."

teacher of Intensive Learning Center Functional Skills Program, Bowling Field Trip, Sherwood Elementary, 2010

"At the staycation (sic), I will definitely remember how we made lemon batteries and hooked them all together, and two people grab the wire and LCD and made it light up!"

Madison, Science Overnight, McKay Creek Elementary, 2010

"The best field trip I have ever been on!  Thanks so much!"

Katelin, Honors Biology II, Marine Biology Field Trip, Newport, Oregon, 2010

"My junior and senior ProStart students are always very excited about this field trip and without your generosity, we would not have been able to fund the trip."

Prostart Teacher, NW Foodservice Show, Seattle, Washington, 2010

"It was an honor to attend the festival, and without you, we wouldn’t have gotten there."

Bailey, Oregon Writing Festival, Portland State University, Pendleton High School and Sunridge Middle School, 2010

"It was great to be together with the high school girls."

A Little Sister, Sunridge Middle School, “Girl Talk,” 2010

"Thank you for helping me learn how to deal with bullies and jerks!"

Tyler, Boys Advocacy and Mentoring Program, 7th grade, Sunridge Middle School, 2010

"Your support makes this trip happen!  Thank you on behalf of our students."

Foreign Language Teacher, Foreign Language Field Trip to U of O, Pendleton High School, 2010

"Thank you for your continued support of the Pendleton School District Art Show."

Teacher, Pendleton Schools K-12, 2010

"Students received solid instruction and practice in the area of scientific inquiry."

Teacher, OMSI Crime Lab at Washington Elementary, 2010

"Thank you for helping our school by bringing OMSI here to our school."

Reece, OMSI Crime Lab at Washington Elementary, Third and Fourth grades, 2010

"This grant allows me to order the new titles this spring and will help the program be up and running when the students return to school next fall."

Library Manager, Pendleton High School Library, 2010

"I liked it because it made you be in someone’s shoes and see how they felt."

Cortney, Washington Elementary, Second Steps Program, 2013

"The whole trip was really, really, really fun!'

Amanda, PHS, Ninth grade, Foreign Language and International Studies Day at the University of Oregon, 2013

"Thanks so much! So awesome to have a chance to use what I learned this year!"

Kelsie, PHS Senior, Honors Biology II, Trip to the Oregon Coast, 2013

"Enemy Pie makes no more enemies!"

Elsie, Washington School, Second grade, Derek Munson Author Visit, 2013

"Thank you for making it possible for us to go to La Grande."

Chelsea, 2013

"I love to sing.  Thank you for the opportunity!'

Kirsten, McKay and Sherwood elementary school choirs, Eastern Oregon Children’s Choir Festival, 2013

"We had a great time at the conference and were also able to see some of the Alaskan wild beauty."

Nolan, Nixya’awii Community School, Trip to American Indian Science and Engineering Society National Conference, 2012

"I loved being able to see all the art.  I enjoyed seeing my own art.  My favorite art was the painted mask."

Alyssa, Third grade, Washington School, District Art Show, 2013

"Okaidja was wonderful!"

Emily, 2009

"Thank you for sponsoring Okaidja to come to our school and teach us to drum. It was also cool because he also taught us a little bit of how he became interested and about his culture."

Sierra, District grades K-5, Okaidja, Ghana Drumming and Dancing, 2013

"I found the puppets very interesting.  I loved the dragon and the little boy, but my favorite character was the brave dragon slayer.  He was very funny!"

Antoinette, 2013

"My favorite parts of the Reluctant Dragon were the fights and at the end when they demonstrated how the puppets worked.  It was pretty cool!"

James, Fourth grade, Washington School, Tears of Joy Theatre Group

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